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Thanks for visiting my profile. This year, I am taking on Dystonia UK's epic #DystoniaAroundTheWorld challenge to raise awareness and funds for my charity!

Thanks for visiting my profile. This year, I am taking on Dystonia UK's epic #DystoniaAroundTheWorld challenge to raise awareness and funds for my charity!

I will be taking part in various activities to build up as many miles as I can to power the virtual trip from Dystonia UK's HQ in London around the world and back.

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that is estimated to affect at least 100,000 people in the UK. It presents with uncontrollable and sometimes painful muscle spasms triggered by incorrect signals from the brain. It is the 3rd most common movement disorder behind Parkinson’s and essential tremor yet many have never heard of it.

Dystonia UK is the only UK national charity dedicated to helping people affected by dystonia.

Help me put dystonia on the world map and change the lives of people who often feel alone and forgotten by taking on the #DystoniaAroundTheWorld challenge yourself or donating to my fundraising page.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Nearly there

Wednesday 16th Sep
Thank you, to all who have donated and have asked how my challenge is going, thank you for all the positive comments along the way.

We are nearly at the end of the challenge, and we are also a week away also from my Botox.

As I have said before I receive treatment of Botox every three months, the treatment does begin to wear off as the time goes by; The last few weeks I have felt the treatment  wearing off. I have more pain and discomfort in my fingers and I have pain in my forearm, my wrist is more tight and Bends more so when I try and use Hand and arm. 
Even have physio for my left arm as I was also diagnosed with ulnar nerve palsy as a result of the left overcompensating for the right !
I have been brave enough to put some photos on showing what my  focal dystonia looks like : awkward isn’t it (no more eyeliner for me !)

Over the last few weeks I have been continuing to walk, gardening ,Pilates and a few runs to make up my miles. I have exceeded expectations to what I thought I could achieve, I’m going to aim for a little bit more maybe to 250 miles I’ll see what my body allows.

I’m hoping my challenge has raised awareness to those I know, and hope  the charity  has also raised further awareness and continues to do  😄

Thank you all again , 

Thanking you muchly xxxx

Twitchy hand

Thursday 27th Aug
An annoying symptom of focal dystonia, is twitching. Twitching of my right hand and fingers and wrist, the Botox that I receive does help relieve some of that; however Some days the twitch becomes more apparent, obvious and annoying. Usually the twitch/jerk is more constant When the Botox  begins to wear off; I am due Botox again on the 23rd of September. My hand is twitching more , I notice this more if I am sat still, for example watching the television, trying to get to sleep or in a meeting at work. The twitching is annoying and can bring on frustration as I feel as if I cannot rest my arm and wrist.  
If I’m brave enough I may post a photo of my hand 
Anyway thanks again for the donations
Miles maybe slower as I’ve damaged my hip in some way , fingers crossed this goes quickly and I can get back to putting the miles in .
Thanks again 😍

Plastic food bags

Thursday 20th Aug
Just taken @ 6 minutes to try and open a plastic freezer food bag.
Very frustrating two hands required !!
Ham and food packages of plastic cause me endless frustration as I can’t open them due to the lack of power/grip I have in right hand .
On a more positive note, I’ve had a lovely chilled day in the garden 🥰🐝🌸
Thank you again for all you’re donations and best wishes x

Just a little update

Tuesday 18th Aug
Exceeded my monies raised target 😜😀😀
Thank you to all who have donated.
I have been out in my new vest top today raising awareness of dystonia.
My hand has been a bit more awkward to say the least , this weekend ;more bent at the wrist and fingers cramped and painful a little bit more ; maybe it knows I have my next Botox appointment in September .
These treatments are every three months , 6 or so injections into my arm and wrist to help release some of the muscles in my hand .
It isn’t a cure but these treatments have helped immensely ,if I wasn’t receiving the treatment my hand would be totally ineffective , at least it had given me some relief in the outer fingers .
Thank you again to all who have bothered to read these and also donated; to a condition that is not well known.
my neurologist says “ I am an unique case, of focal dystonia”........😱
Thank you  again 🥰


Sunday 9th Aug
Today was gardening day , something I enjoy lots but again I have limitations .
So, I helped sort out plums that had fallen from a broken branch from the Victoria plum tree in the garden. Mostly with the left hand ... as you can imagine slows the job down a touch ! 🍑🍑
Raked  the lawn and hoed the front flower bed, dead headed also.
I didn’t do two hours non stop as I know when my hand and arm has had enough, I did go out for dinner in-between.😀
I’m now going to reward myself with a hot bath , the heat also helps the hand to relax too.
Thank you again to all donations 
£415 wowsers
Thank you from a tired Victoria 🤗


Friday 7th Aug
Difficult day today
Hand feeling more awkward more painful . Severe Pain can suddenly just come from nowhere.
I’ve completed some Pilates which helps me relax to  relax my neck and shoulders.
The next task which I find difficult during the week, is drying and straightening my hair.
I sometimes ask friends and family to help me do this, my hand gets very tired and cramps even more so. 
I suppose it is a good job I only do this twice a week. The husband has learnt the art of straightening my hair.

Thank you

Thursday 6th Aug
Thank you to all who donated so far
So appreciated and gives me encouragement to continue my challenge and raise awareness .
This week I have walked with my uncle, ran and completed a Pilates workout.
The walk was only going to be a mile and we ended up doing more than 4 ; getting caught in a torrential downpour where we ended up in a Country pub having Sunday dinner to shelter 😀(socially distanced always )
I’ve ordered my dystonia vest top also 
Many thanks again xxx

Focal dystonia ..... me

Sunday 2nd Aug
Ok so , I was diagnosed with focal dystonia of the right hand approx 18 months ago......never heard of it...... and neither had a lot of people.
Definitely  a shock to the system , personally and professionally ..... but trying to get on with life  with some  adaptations.
Frustrating yes, in many ways.
However the reason I am taking on this challenge is .....yes to raise awareness of Dystonia and to prove to myself I can achieve the distance and meeting the target set. 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mam & Dad

We are so very proud of you Lots of love Mam & Dad xxx


Judith Green

Love from us both


Val & Michael Barnett

Well done, love Mam & Dad xx


Andrew Green

You’re doing great, you’ll be targeting 300 miles at this rate 👍



Keep going, you'll reach that bottle of gin soon. Seriously though, good luck it's a worthy cause.


Richard Tosh

Hi Vic, I am really impressed with how you are dealing with this challenge, and the fact you are as positive and cheeky as ever! R x



Amazing job sister-in-law. Very proud x




Ann Kendall

You go girl! xx


Bridget Balfour

Good luck Victoria I know how challenging this condition has been for you so well done with raising awareness and funding 💕


'auntie' Anne

You can do it Vic - you have coped so well with all challenges so far. Thank you for being like a daughter' and good friend!


Peter And Julie Robinson

Super Cause Vic - wishing you lots of luck Love The Robbos x


Suzanne Simpson

Well done Victoria! You are an inspiration 🥰 xxx


Edna Cairns


Jackie And Bob

From Jackie and Bob Woodall with love and huge congratulations on your achievement.


Kerry Fernandes

Lots of luck, what a great thing you're doing, so proud of you, lots of love Kerry and Lindemann xxx






Brigiet Scurr

You are fabulous, courageous, strong and a great friend. You got this!


Gail And Berkeley Henegan

Well done so far with your challenge, Victoria. Good luck with the remaining miles xx


Joanne Thomas

Well done lovely lady!! Wishing you all the best always, lots of love Jo, Steve, Jenna and Isla xxxx


Andy Braithwaite


Veronica Low

Keep up the good work


Chris Cobain






Amy Livesey

You go lady!💪


Annabel Livesey

Good luck Auntie Victoria. That's a very long bimble 😁




Judy Butler

Good luck Vic xxx


Jonathan Scurr

A worthy cause for a lovely lady. Smash the target Vic.


Rachel Palmer

Good luck with your challenge! X


Kelsie Cook

Good luck xx


Jean Cusic

Good luck, stay strong. x


Elizabeth Parnaby


Steve Cummings

Go for it Vic!!


Helen Self

Good luck Victoria x


Susan Hamilton

Good luck


Emma Coyle

Well done x


Toni Cummins

Raising a glass to you for doing this and raising awareness at the same time. X


Vic C

All the very best of luck Vic xxx


Mr Pm Haustead

Well done Vic. Keep up the good work.

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