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Thanks for visiting my profile. This year, I am taking on Dystonia UK's epic #DystoniaAroundTheWorld challenge to raise awareness and funds for my charity!

I will be jogging 100 miles throughout August and September to help to raise money for the Dystonia UK charity. 

This charity is very close to my heart. In February this year, after 3 years of being miserable, not wanting to leave the house and being told that I probably had a shaky, jerky head and neck because of anxiety, I was finally referred to a neurologist and diagnosed with dystonic tremors in my neck. I often cannot control the movements in my neck, although I try my best to hide it which is thoroughly exhausting. 

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that is estimated to affect at least 100,000 people in the UK. It presents with uncontrollable and sometimes painful muscle spasms triggered by incorrect signals from the brain. It is the 3rd most common movement disorder behind Parkinson’s and essential tremor yet many have never heard of it.

Dystonia UK is the only UK national charity dedicated to helping people affected by dystonia.

Please help me put dystonia on the world map and change the lives of people who often feel alone and forgotten by donating to my fundraising page.

Thank you so much for your support!

Shaky Laura 😊 xxx

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30 miles to go

Monday 7th Sep
It has definitely been a challenge trying to get out running now the school term has started again!! Lovely little 4 mile jog in the rain this afternoon 😊😊.

34 miles to left to run and £13 left to raise!! :)

Thursday 3rd Sep

Half way!!!

Friday 28th Aug
I can't believe I'm halfway - yessss! 😁😁😁

Just over 4 miles in my new Dystonia UK tshirt

Saturday 22nd Aug
I'm super proud of this particular run as my neck has been super stiff and jerky the last couple of days, I had a migraine 2 miles in and couldn't see properly. Luckily I wasn't on roads. Nailed it!! 😁😁 60 miles to go!

64 miles to go

Wednesday 19th Aug
Another 4 miles run in the rain today. It was painful and my legs felt like lead. I'm so close to the halfway point. Thanks to all of my friends for their support in running with me at my slow pace - you're the best!! Despite the struggle, I feel very lucky to be able to help to raise funds for the Dystonia UK charity. Let's try for £300!

A quick 2 miles before holibobs

Monday 10th Aug
83 to go!!

5th run3 miles

Sunday 9th Aug
So very very hot.....

Today is warm :|

Friday 7th Aug

4th jog

Friday 7th Aug
88 miles to go! 

3rd 3 mile run

Wednesday 5th Aug

2nd jog

Monday 3rd Aug
6 miles down, 94 to go!

1st jog

Saturday 1st Aug

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Mum And Dad

Proud of you


James & Hannah

Good luck our laur xx


Rebecca Smeeth


Teena Jones

Well done Lolly. Really proud and in awe of you xxx. Teenz (mamma bear!!!🤣)


Anne & Gary W

Well done Laura......keep on keeping on.


Chloe Lambdin

100 miles!! You go girl. xx


Will Powell

Good luck! X


Jon Birch

Well done, you! :-) x


Georgina Szanto

So nearly there, don't stop there and well done!! X


Jodie Chapman

Smashing it Laura Moore!!


Lucy Williams

👏 💪🏼👏


Cheryl Scott

You are amazing and will totally smash your goal!!! 💜


Carly Fisher

Good luck 🏃‍♀️ xx


Steve Tozer

You did it! What a superstar 😁


Laura W Xx

You amaze me 😍


Liz Jones

Laura you are amazing 😊 xxx


Caroline Cox

So amazing Laura xx


Sara Clifford



Proud of you gal x


Heather And Tony


Lesley Knight


Honour Luckins




From Julie 😊


Jodie And Michael Lambdin (plus The Kids)

Well done Laura 💪


Laura & Nick

Good luck girl x


Jane Meade


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