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Tennis, Pilates and clocking a few miles while visiting some historical sites; that's how I'll be fundraising to help Dystonia UK

"Do 250 miles and make it fun!" - that's what Dayna at Dystonia UK told me to do to help their  epic summer Dystonia Around the World fundraising challenge.

So I naturally am planning on having as much fun as possible

1) Getting on court and playing wheelchair tennis

2) Taking part in weekly pilates classes

3) Going on walks (or wheels in my case) around some really interesting places around the UK, and discovering fun facts horrible histories style about each of them, which I'll publish at the end of the challenge in a creative way.

And why am I doing this?

Well after a serious car accident in 2016 I was diagnosed with dystonia, hemidystonia to be exact, after a brain injury. Without the help of the team at Dystonia UK both myself, my family and my GP would still be fighting for a diagnoses now. But with the aid of the information available on their website and their willingness to talk in person to anyone needing help made such a huge difference. 

With Dystonia UK's help, my family and I were able to find ways to adapt so I could carry on with my career as a sports broadcaster and journalist, travelling the world reporting on major events including all four Grand Slams for major broadcasters including Sky Sports.

The support also meant I could eventually return to the tennis court to play wheelchair tennis for fun and continue competing with Team England Adaptive Abilities Cheer. And in 2019 I was part of the World Championship winning Hip Hop squad.  

Even through lockdown they have been providing support through webinars to help with the challenges these uncertain times have brought with them.

However, the cancelling of mass participation events and the inability to run many of the planned fundraising events in 2020 because of restrictions relating to social distancing mean the charity, which does very important work to help so many throughout the UK, have faced a lot of financial challenges in the past few months.

And this is why I'm doing what I'm doing, to try and help them. So please if you can consider donating to through this page so I can reach my £250 target

I originally set myself the challenge of doing 250 miles, however, I have almost reached that target in the first month so I'm now raising the bar and trying to wheel my way to 500 miles. 

And if I meet that target, well I'll change the goalposts again and as The Proclaimers once sang "I will walk 500 more" 

I will keep going as long as you amazing, wonderful people keep donating....

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The Story So Far..

Monday 10th Aug
There was once a girl who loved tennis, cheer and everything pink
One day Dystonia UK asked her to come up with a fundraising challenge so she began to think....

What if I could do the stuff I love as a way to help out? Oh my!
That’s it! That would make lockdown life just simply fly by.

So she played wheelchair tennis and golf, and practiced Pilates, which made her smile,
And discovered more about Britain’s history as she clocked up the miles.

By the end of the first month she was nearing mile two hundred and fifty,
She never thought she’d reach her first milestone so swiftly.

So into month two and a new goal has been set,
To make it to five hundred, let’s see how far she can get!

And if you’re reading this post all she wants you to consider thinking about,
Is donating to her challenge for Dystonia UK, if you can, as it would really help the charity out.

It would make such a difference to those in the UK
Living with this life changing disability everyday

To be continued...... 

Thank you to my Sponsors


Mariam Ayeni

Never heard of Dystonia, I guess we learn everyday. I am aware of the immense importance of charities to disabled people. You are doing an amazing thing so keep it up.


The Constant Cheerleader Podcast

£50 raised for Dystonia UK by The Constant Cheerleader Podcast during season one. Good Luck with Dystonia Around the World to everyone at Dystonia UK and their supporters

Join our #DystoniaAroundTheWorld community
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