Thanks for visiting my profile. This year, I am taking on Dystonia UK's epic #DystoniaAroundTheWorld challenge to raise awareness and funds for my charity!

Thanks for visiting my profile. This year, I am taking on Dystonia UK's epic #DystoniaAroundTheWorld challenge to raise awareness and funds for my charity!

I will be taking part in various activities to build up as many miles as I can to power the virtual trip from Dystonia UK's HQ in London around the world and back.

Dystonia is a neurological movement disorder that is estimated to affect at least 100,000 people in the UK. It presents with uncontrollable and sometimes painful muscle spasms triggered by incorrect signals from the brain. It is the 3rd most common movement disorder behind Parkinson’s and essential tremor yet many have never heard of it.

Dystonia UK is the only UK national charity dedicated to helping people affected by dystonia.

Help me put dystonia on the world map and change the lives of people who often feel alone and forgotten by taking on the #DystoniaAroundTheWorld challenge yourself or donating to my fundraising page.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Wednesday 23rd Sep
Hi this is Devika here. I am a survivor of focal type of task specific dystonia. It is often called as writer's cramp. As many of you know dystonia has various categories and on sets. It is often miss judged with psychological or anxiety disorders. In my case, I first observed the involuntary twisting movements during writing in the year of 2012 in my early twenties that is the adolescent onset of dystonia. It is the time when I was about to appear for Plus two examination. I always wanted to be a doctor. In India entering in medical sector requires to secure a good rank in the entrance test. It needs focus and hard work in study. My early symptoms includes muscle cramps, twisting movements, nervousness, anxiety, pain ,excessive sweating during writing, distorted handwriting etc. Here in our country as there is a less awareness about this type of movement disorders, I couldn't find the right treatment and medication as well as guidance  till 2015. In the meantime irrespective of these adversities I secured a position in entrance test and entered in a renowned Dental College. My condition was getting worse day by day because of the lack of treatment. Eventually it turned into clinical depression with anxiety disorder. I also took Botox injection to relieve my symptoms but it rarely help me out. Also I couldn't afford it for much longer. after many years of struggle and looking for the right guidance I finally found the right combo of therapy for me with the assistance of NIMHANS. I WANTED TO POINT OUT THAT IN MY STRUGGLE I FACED MANY BARRIERS SUCH AS MENTAL SOCIAL AND PHYSICAL.I failed to continue my study and had to put my educational career in hold for some years. It's like I was on the age of giving up. But with the right guidance available in our country and making an intense effort ,today I can say I am a fighter. Dystonia can't break me. There are many ways to relieve the symptoms and one must need a psychological assistance to fight back such as counsellor. I also got assistance from my occupational therapist and psychiatrist. There are medications which can support you. I am turning 28 in a few days. The journey had been tough for so many years for me. There were many setbacks and I am brave enough to start again. My story doesn't end here. I have decided to again follow my dream to be a doctor and I am trying hard for that. I know there are many  who suffers from this and faced adversities but with a little awareness I think we can win this over. Dystonia can't stop us.

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