Mum and Me

We've got some pretty big mum and daughter goals this summer because we'll be trying to raise £500 for Dystonia UK

My mum (Sheila) and I (Gemma) travelled the world together lots before coronavirus came and rained on all of our parades.

So because we can't do that at the minute we are going to travel as many miles together to help raise funds for Dystonia UK as part of their Dystonia Around the World Challenge.

Follow our mum and daughter adventures on the way to raising lots of cash for such a worthwhile cause here, and consider a donation if you are able to - we've got a £500 target and we'd love to reach it!

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Mariam Ayeni

Never heard of Dystonia, I guess we learn everyday. I am aware of the immense importance of charities to disabled people. You are doing an amazing thing so keep it up.


The Constant Cheerleader Podcast

£50 raised for Dystonia UK by The Constant Cheerleader Podcast during season one. Good Luck with Dystonia Around the World to everyone at Dystonia UK and their supporters


Robert Hodgson

Join our #DystoniaAroundTheWorld community
and raise awareness with every mile